Nap Mat Criteria

Helpful Reminders

Nap mat and bedding criteria:

Rest Mats for Toddlers, Twos & Preschool 3’s & Fulltime PreK

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and the Harris County Fire Marshal require that, for resting purposes, parents must provide a nap mat that meets the following criteria:

  • Be waterproof
  • Have a vinyl covering
  • Be flame retardant
  • Be 1” thick
  • Be four fold for easy storage
  • Be free from any damage that exposes the padding

Please check your child’s nap mat to determine if the mat meets these criteria.


All bedding (blanket and pillow) must fit inside your child’s designated tub. Tub measures 11x13x5.

PLEASE NOTE – Mats and bedding that DO NOT meet these requirements will need to be replaced.

Helpful Hints:

Wal-Mart carries a mat called “Kindermat” which meets the above criteria.

If you have any questions regarding above information, please call the office at 281-205-1350.