Curriculum includes everything that goes into the content of teaching various subjects to students. The core curriculum at Salem included religion, math, science, social studies, language arts (reading, writing, listening and speaking), foreign language, physical education, art and music.

In fifth through eighth grades, the fine arts become a choice between choral, instrumental, drama, photojournalism and classroom teaching aides. Technology is integrated into the classroom at many levels. Fifth through eighth graders are issued an iPad.

Curricula is reviewed in five year cycles by the team of teachers teaching the subject so that it can be aligned both vertically from grade level to grade level and within grade level classes. Various resources are reviewed carefully to best meet the needs of the wide range of learning styles and abilities. Adoption occurs in the fifth year and the implementation the following year.

Curricula is assessed in the classroom by the outcomes of student work and also by the results of nationally standardized testing. Students are bench-marked three times a year using Dibels to monitor individual and classroom progress in math and language arts. Adjustments to curricula are made as needed often within the five year cycle to meet the needs of the students.


The curriculum can be modified for those students needing more challenging programs through academic coaching and supplemental materials. Upper level math for middle school is determined by math placement testing and includes pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry. In addition, Spanish I and Art I credits are achievable for high school credit.

The curriculum can also be modified for those students with professional diagnoses necessitating IEP’s. Tier programs are provided at an additional cost to parents. The dyslexia therapy program is approved by insurance providers to parents whose policies provide coverage.

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