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innovation lab facilitator (new-Posted 3/24/2022)

Salem Lutheran School is seeking a Facilitator for their Elementary & Middle School SmartLab (opening for the 2022-2023 school year). A SmartLab is a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning environment where students will explore interests in robotics, circuitry, graphic design, engineering, video production, etc. SmartLabs are project-based, student-centered learning communities where the emphasis is on students to learn, not on the teacher to teach. For this reason, teaching professionals in a SmartLab are called “Facilitators” reflecting their primary role in facilitating learning. More information on SmartLabs can be found at

Salem Lutheran School actively seeks candidates who possess strong interpersonal skills that allow one to work effectively with students, parents, colleagues, and administration. He/she should be a self-directed individual who is flexible and possesses a sense of humor, enthusiasm for learning, and a love for teaching as well as a good understanding of adolescent personalities. The ability to maintain positive and professional communication with students, parents, and colleagues along with active participation in the life of the school is essential.

If this sounds like you, we ask that you pray over the ministry description posted here and send a cover letter, resume, and at least three references to Dr. Amy Boatman, Head of School, at

teachers-various (new-posted april 4, 2022) 

We are currently hiring teachers for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

  • Bachelor's Required
  • Must be certified/willing to certify in the state of Texas if a certification is held from another state. 
  • Rostered with the LCMS is preferential 

The following expectations for teachers at Salem Lutheran School are also the job description and the standards by which our teachers and the school administration will measure growth as a Christian teacher. 


A. In faithful living, it is expected that: 

1) Your self-esteem is strong and based first on the fact that you are precious to God regardless of any human limitation. Your mission in life is derived from Ephesians 2:10: “We are God’s workmanship in Christ Jesus created to do good works, which God has prepared in advance for us to do.” 

2) You maintain healthy boundaries in your life. You understand the role students, colleagues, parents, and organizational leaders occupy in your life. You avoid excesses in habits, behaviors, and lifestyle. 

3) You communicate clearly, honestly, sensitively, and effectively. You can express your needs and feelings safely to parents, students, and colleagues. You avoid passive aggressive behaviors. You respect all people as precious to God and speak to them accordingly. 

4) You handle conflict in an efficient and mutually productive fashion. 

5) You maintain a quest for continuous personal, professional, and spiritual improvement. 

6) You assume the best about another person’s intent. 

7) You want to be here and believe God has acted in your life to bring you here and have committed your life to being a servant leader for Christ and supporting God’s work at Salem Lutheran Church. You consciously and willingly pledge to be faithful and regular in worship attendance and the financial support of this congregation. 


B. In instructional planning, you are expected to: 

1) Provide developmentally appropriate objectives and lessons for students. 

2) Plan lessons that meet or exceed state and/or national standards. 

3) Submit weekly lesson plans in advance. 

4) Plan teaching/learning experiences that help each student achieve success. 

5) Plan units that help students see wholeness and relevance in learning. 

6) Plan lessons that connect biblical principles to concepts about God’s world. 

7) Plan a variety of teaching strategies to match the learning styles of the students. 

8) Select, in advance, the means of assessment to measure students’ learning for a lesson or unit. 

9) Exhibit wise stewardship in the usage of classroom and school materials. 


C. In teaching a class, you are expected to: 

1) Use class time well with activities that engage student’s attention and have a clear purpose. 

2) Give clear directions and well-organized examples and explanations. 

3) Listen carefully to students’ comments and apply them to the lesson. 

4) Intentionally incorporate a Biblical worldview into lesson content. 

5) Use questions and explanations that promote clear thinking and awe in students. 

6) Show interest and wonder in all learning through gestures, body movement, and voice inflection. 

7) Compose useful analogies to connect what students are learning to what they have already learned. 

8) Take responsibility for all tasks related to the classroom and parent. 


D. In relating with students, you are expected to: 

1) Establish a climate of love and care. 

2) Consistently demonstrate an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. 

3) Intentionally nurture personal relationships for helping children grow into Christ, our head. 

4) Define responsible Christian behavior for students, including guidelines and consequences for behavior in the classroom. 

5) Help students learn self-discipline through appropriate correcting, guidance, and counseling. 

6) Provide organized learning that helps students support and learn from each other. 


E. In professional growth, you are expected to: 

1) Take responsibility for all tasks related to the classroom, parent communication, and to some extent, the broader school community. 

2) Keep current in scholarship on teaching, the purposes of Christian education, and your subject area. 

3) Work constructively with colleagues and administration by contributing ideas and listening to the ideas of others. 

4) Articulate in writing and speaking how your Christian faith integrates with your teaching. 

5) Mentor other teachers in your field of expertise. 

6) Exhibit an overall positive attitude and servant heart in areas outside of your own classroom. 


F. In community relations, you are expected to: 

1) Influence others for the church’s best interest. 

2) Celebrate Christian education in the broader community. 

3) Seek contributions from community members in educating the school’s students. 

4) Participate actively at Salem Lutheran Church by attending congregational assemblies and leadership meetings. 

5) Model love for Christ and students beyond the school day and campus. 

6) Utilize your role as a Christian teacher to actively evangelize parents and students. 


If this sounds like you, we ask that you pray over the above expectations and submit a cover letter, resume, and at least three references to Dr. Amy Boatman, Head of School, at