Summer Reading Challenge


Monday-Friday 7:30am-3:45pm

Summer reading challenge 2022

Read through our summer reading challenges below. Students may participate in more than one challenge. try one or try them all!  

Challenge Runs: June 1st-August 16th 

All participants will receive a certificate of achievement for each challenge met and have an opportunity to win one of several Barnes & Noble gift cards! In addition, each participating student will receive a Homework Pass and Free Spirit Day Dress coupon. 

Completed tracking sheets are due: Friday, September 2nd. 


Gold Medal- 15 minutes EVERY day
Silver Medal- 15 minutes, about 5 days a week
Bronze Medal- 15 minutes, about 4 days a week

Olympic Award Tracking Sheet

World Series Award

Read at least TWO book series of at least 4 books each

World Series Award Tracker

Literature Award 

Read at least one book from at least 5 of the following categories

Graphic Novel

Literature Award Tracker

Mr. Boldt Challenge Award

Read as many or more words than Mr. Boldt during summer. Keep a list of book titles, authors, and their word counts. We'll compare at the end of summer! 

Mr. Boldt Challenge Tracker

Book Review

Submit a video review of at least 4 books you've read this summer which may be posted on Salem School's Social Media for other students to watch. Each video review should be no more than 30-60 seconds in length. Videos must be submitted to Please limit submissions to one per week. Last day to send reviews is Friday, August 6th. 

Book Review Tracker

Teachers' Favorites

Select at least 4 books at your grade/reading level from the list of Teacher favorites. 

Teacher Favorites List

Teacher Favorites Tracker

Book Club (for students going into 6th-8th grade only) 

You and 3-5 friends form a book club and post questions, comments, and feedback on a Google slide presentation about the books you're reading. See the "Book Club Tracker" below for details and information. BONUS: Students fulfilling this challenge will be invited to a Book Club Pizza Lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Boldt during lunch in the upstairs Community Center Cafe in the fall! 

Book Club Tracker