Registration & Fees


Monthly Tuition
$225 per month

Daily drop in rate (less than one hour)
$8.50 per day

Daily drop in rate (more than one hour)
$12.50 per day

Drop in rate 12-3:30 early dismissal days
$12.50 per day

Drop in rate early dismissal days (pick up after 3:30)
$21 per day

Late pick up fee (after 6:30 pm)
$1 per minute/per child

Payment Information

All tuition and fees will be billed through your TADS account.


Kingdom Kids registration is completed through TADS when you register your child. You have three registration options:

  1. Emergency Only – A student that only attends in the event of an emergency.
  2. Drop-In – A student that attends part-time or as needed and pays the hourly tuition rate.
  3. Full-time – A student that normally attends 4-5 days per week and pays the monthly tuition rate.