Who We Are


Salem Lutheran School educates the “whole child.” Our educators have a depth and breadth of understanding how children develop and strive to provide curriculum and instruction that supports growth in academics as well as character. We recognize that the parent is God’s ordained authority and their child’s most influential teacher. For the best possible outcomes, Salem faculty and staff desire to partner with parents effectively by communicating honestly and frequently in regard to their child’s progress.

Salem Lutheran School provides a safe environment (physically and emotionally) in which to learn and grow. Current research has proven what we already knew – that a safe, structured, nurturing and predictable environment in which a child feels secure, sets the stage for optimal learning.


Faith, ethics and leadership drive our efforts. We strive to provide our student body with a foundation of faith in a triune God, examples of Christian ethics within the school environment and the working community, and the opportunity for leadership roles at all grade levels in order to apply faith and ethics in real life situations.


Integrating faith and technology into our everyday world helps us meet the students where they are. Intentionally developing the 21st century skills of collaboration, focus, creativity, writing, project-based learning and critical thinking helps the students develop both individually and corporately. Using research-based strategies to engage our students in their learning has proven to be overwhelming successful as our eighth graders enter high school. Our goal is to create successful, independent learners.