Recognized for Excellence

National Blue Ribbon School

In 2007, Salem Lutheran School was awarded by the United States Department of Education in Washington D.C., as a National Blue Ribbon Recipient. Five years of documented test scores above the 90th percentile school wide in math and reading, a balanced curriculum, and successful strategies for all students to learn led to this prestigious award.

National Distinguished Principal

Dr. Mary Beth Gaertner

In 2012, Salem Lutheran School’s Director, Dr. Mary Beth Gaertner, was recognized by the National Association of Elementary School Principals in Arlington, Virginia. School leadership in developing a climate where all students can be successful, providing programs using research-based strategies to benefit all types of learners and establishing a positive communication model to develop the relationship between parents and teachers were established under her leadership.

National School of Distinction

In 2018 Salem Lutheran School was named a National School of Distinction by the National Lutheran School Association in St. Louis, Missouri.  Salem was 1 of 5 schools in the nation to receive this award. Based upon the identification of best practices used by Salem, this award now gives way to published articles and webinars to help other schools improve their practices. Best practices identified by two visiting accreditation teams included:

  • Salem’s “Way to Go” strategy for developing a positive communication strategy between parents and teachers.
  • Creating strong relationships between the community of Tomball and Salem Lutheran School.
  • Implementation of  STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math)  in after school programs for academic growth
  • Salem’s approach to creating servant leaders by mentoring students and providing real opportunities to practice them.