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success begins at salem

Our dedicated teaching staff has created an award-winning academic program focused on equipping your child for a lifetime of success. We ensure a safe and engaging learning environment for every student built firmly on a strong foundation of faith.  Salem Lutheran School empowers new generations of leaders for service to Christ giving parents, like you, a school home where they have confidently entrusted the education and care of their kids for 168 years and counting.


We know that you want to know everything that goes on with your child, but most of all, you want your child to be known by the teachers and recognized for their unique set of abilities. Way To Go is a strategy, researched and developed by Salem's long time Head of School Dr. Mary Beth Gaertner, used to establish positive communication between parents and teachers. You will always be your child’s most impactful influence, and as long as students are still learning in classrooms, teachers are the second most important. We finally found a way to partner successfully with you as the parents of our students, to discover your expectations, and to WOW you- by talking with you about your children! We have found the WAY TO GO!



  1. We care about your child’s academic and social- emotional progress.
    We care about our child’s academic and social-emotional progress.

  2. We are partners with you, the parents, in your child’s formal education.
    We are partners with you in our child’s formal education.

  3. We want to know about your family dynamics.
    We want you to know about our family dynamics.

  4. We want to know about what things motivate your child.
    We want you to know what motivates our child.

  5. We want to know about what things frustrate your child.
    We want you to know about what is frustrating to our child.

  6. We want to know about any special needs your child may have.
    We want you to know about our child’s special needs.

  7. How can we best communicate with you as to your child’s progress.
    We want to tell how best to communicate with us.

  8. What types of things do you want to know about your child’s progress or lack of it.
    We want you to know what and how much to tell us about that occurs during the school day.

  9. We want to know when you have concerns.
    We want you to know when we have concerns.

  10. We are professionals and take responsibility for informing you about your child’s progress and behavior in the classroom.
    We are the parents and we will take responsibility for working with our child to support academic progress and social-emotional adjustment.