Volunteer and Work Service

Volunteer Opportunities

Substitute & Volunteer Training Information

Sweet Fridays

Volunteers are needed for Sweet Fridays. There will be two locations: one in front of the school and one by the community center.

Athletic Events

If you would like to volunteer to help with athletic events, please download and complete the Athletic Volunteer Interest Survey and turn in to the office.

Volunteer Forms

In order to volunteer and participate in school events, the forms below must be completed and turned into the office. Please download, print, and complete the forms and bring the forms to campus for processing.

  1. Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Background Check Permission
  3. Salem Athletic Events Volunteer Form

Recording Volunteer Hours

There are 2 options for you when you want to record your volunteer hours for school:

  1. There is a binder located in the front office where you can write your volunteer hours down as you complete them.
  2. You may email Heidi Schatte at hschatte@salem4u.com to let her know how many hours you have.