Admissions Information

Thank you for your interest in Salem Lutheran School. Monthly Future Family Days are held early in the new year that feature campus tours, presentations, question and answer sessions, and personal interviews as needed. You may also call the school at 281-351-8223 and make an appointment and schedule a half-day for your child to “shadow” in the classroom.

To officially begin the application process go to Apply Now! and follow the instructions for enrolling as a new family through TADS. Be certain that the school year is the appropriate one for which you are registering.

Before acceptance can occur, you will need to upload/scan to TADS the following documents:

  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics
  • A copy of the child’s current immunization records
  • A copy of all standardized testing, current and past progress reports, and/or a signed release of records from the former school (If the child is younger than third grade, standardized testing from a public school may not be available. If the child has been home schooled, a form of national standardized testing that indicates grade level performance will need to be completed.

Salem Lutheran School requires all student applicants for grades 1 through 8 to have former progress reports/report cards and standardized testing (for grades 3 through 8) results reviewed prior to acceptance. More follow up may be necessary. Middle school applicants will be further interviewed by the administrator. Math placement tests are given for grades six through eight for placement in math classes. Kindergarten students are required to attend an informal screening session prior to enrollment.

After this information has been received and reviewed, you will be informed by email as to your acceptance to Salem Lutheran School. You will be prompted through TADS to complete your Enrollment Agreement and pay your registration fee. New families will take part in a new family information meeting along with a final registration process in August. At this time, school policies and procedures will be reviewed, school calendars shared, middle school electives chosen, and all other training and information in regard to the use of technology, etc.

Admissions Time Line

The time from the opening of the application to acceptance is entirely dependent on how long it takes to receive and review the necessary information. If desiring to begin during a school year, it has proven successful to begin in a new quarter or after a scheduled holiday break. For a fall start, the schedule for admissions is as follows:


Current families re-enroll

First week of March

Those in the Waiting Pool and members of Salem Church can apply

Second/third week of March

Open enrollment to the community