100 Verse Memory Challenge

This year Salem is going to a school-wide memory plan. This means that all grade levels have the same core verse to memorize each week. We pray this provides opportunities for families to memorize scripture together and talk about the verses at home. In the lower elementary grades the verses will be shorter, but still have the same meanings.

Another opportunity all Salem students will have this year is a 100-verse memory challenge. Please know that it is not mandatory, but a great way for students to improve their memory skills while placing scripture in their hearts. Any student who memorizes all 100 verses will have a special treat provided by Dr. Gaertner, Mr. Saalfeld and Mrs. Jenny Honeck at the end of the school year.

100 Verse Challenge

The guidelines for saying the 100-verse memory challenge are as follows:

  1. The student will say the verses to their homeroom teacher.
  2. The verses on the sheet are in the NLT of the Bible, but students may say the verse using a different translation such as ESV or NIV. If the student uses another translation, they must provide a copy of the verse for the teacher to use while the student is reciting the verse.
  3. The student may not study the verse in front of the teacher and then try to say it right away.
  4. The student has one try to say the verse per day. They may try again the next day.
  5. The student may say more than one verse per day.
  6. The student does not have to say the verses in numerical order.
  7. The student may interchange words as long as it does not change the meaning of the verse.