Uniform Information for 2017-2018

We have not 1, but 2 school uniform providers!

You will recall that Land’s End had become an online provider of our school uniforms. The link to this information is on our school web page.
Parker School Uniforms has agreed to also be an authorized retailer of our school uniforms and the information is also on the school web page.
Parker currently has inventory of our navy blue school logo-embroidered polos and some fleece jackets.
So, if going to a store, trying on clothing and taking it home with you is your choice, Parker is still with us as a uniform store!
If the item you need is not in stock, Parker will order it for you and mail it to your home.

As we have done in the case with Land’s End, we have expanded the styles of uniforms from which to choose.
There are many different styles of our Salem plaid skirts for girls, so it’s up to you!
We want every child to look their best and very often not one style fits everyone to their own satisfaction.

What hasn’t changed are the color choices for every day and the requirements for chapel attire:
Chapel Attire (Wed and/or other special days)
Boys K -4 Boys 5 – 8
Girls K-4 Girls 5 – 8
Light blue polos Navy blue logo polo
Salem plaid jumper/white blouse
Salem plaid skirt
Navy blue shorts/slacks Khaki shorts/slacks Navy blue logo polo

Every day choices:
Polos- navy, dark green,
Plaid, khaki, navy skirts or skorts
Yellow, white, light blue
khaki or navy shorts/slacks

Shorts/slacks – navy or khaki
Navy, dark green, yellow, light blue
or white polos

Dark green, navy or khaki knit

Jumpers or dresses
Salem Athletic Hoodies and
Logo jackets from Salem Spirit Store
Logo jackets from Salem Spirit Store
We no longer provide a resale shop. All nearly-new used items can be donated to or purchased from Resale with a Purpose, located in the Four Corners area near Party City. There is a drop box in the parking lot of our Community Center. Sales from Resale with a Purpose provide funds for local ministries in the Tomball area.