Re-enrollment Information

Feb. 28 is the last day to re-enroll to receive the low-increase tuition rate for 2017-2018 and also the $450 registration fee.It is also the last day we can guarantee a place for your child. Beginning March 1 we will begin accepting new students who have made application and for whom we have a place. After March 1, returning families will pay the registration rate of $600 and the tuition rate of a new student. Space will depend on availability.

We apologize if you are having issues with the re-enrolling process and deferring your payment.
If you are choosing to defer your payment, please follow the instructions below:
If you need to defer payment, you may still do so by choosing the “Mailed Payment” option.
This will allow you to complete re-enrollment without making an initial payment.
Please note that choosing this option will automatically add the $450 Registration fee to your billing account to be due two weeks later. It is important to email Dana Weinberg at immediately with your plan to pay your registration fees so that we may adjust your billing according to your plan before the total amount is deducted from your bank account.
Thank you for following this process as we do all we can to help you re-enroll.

Dana Weinberg
School Financial Services